Man Up Men's Ministry

Man Up Men's Ministry is based on and around Jesus, 

who Himself was the ultimate Man's Man. 

We go after Him with a reckless abandoned approach. 

This is where dads teach their sons to be men of God

and where men of God learn from one another and

love people like Jesus did. 

The desire of Encounter Church Men's Ministry is to

be the leaders God wants us to be in our

families, church, and communities. 

We would love for men everywhere to join us join us on

this journey that God has set before us and truly

go after Jesus as brothers in Christ.

    SOMO Man Tour - February 6

    What is Man Tour?

    Man Tour is a night for guys to connect with God & each other. The night is filled with food, worship, an inspiring message & lots of fun. All that for just $20 per guy.

    Bring a friend, invite your co-worker, or plan a father & son night. Whatever you do, make plans to attend Man Tour!